Nova Scotia College of

Respiratory Therapists

Board of Directors

The role of the Nova Scotia College of Respiratory Therapists Board of Directors is to collectively govern the affairs of the College consistent with the Mission, Vision and Guiding Principles of the College, and in keeping with the rules established in law, Bylaw, and Policy.

NSCRT BOD maintains and regularly reviews role descriptions for members of the Board. Role descriptions are used to ensure that individuals considering a position on the Board understand the role of the Board, as well as to guide Board member evaluation processes, and to ensure that Board member responsibilities are carried out appropriately.

Board members are elected by the members or appointed by the government, and are charged with the responsibility of exercising visionary leadership; establishing values and goals; setting policies and procedures; creating value in the programs and services to the benefit of the members and the public; supporting the employees and volunteers of the College and respecting them as partners in advancing the mission of the College. Board members serve a two-year term of office unless otherwise stipulated.








  • President - Debbie Gillis
  • Past-President -Veronica Grossett
  • Treasurer - Bruce Morrison
  • Director-at-Large - Ollie Poole
  • Director-at-Large - Jim Fitzpatrick
  • Director-at-Large - Adam Gillis
  • Director-at-Large - Kathy Johnston
  • Public Member -Jasmine Ghosn
  • Public Member - Denise MacDonald-Billard
  • Public Member - Andrew Mott