Nova Scotia College of

Respiratory Therapists


To ensure efficiency at the Board table or where required by legislation, the Board of Directors may from time to time establish Standing/Statutory Committees or Task Forces to engage in activities of relevance to the NSCRT Mission, Vision and Priorities. Additionally, Board members may be assigned a portfolio, which is an area of responsibility but without a formal committee or task force associated with it.

All Board members should be willing and prepared to participate on at least one Committee, Task Force and/or Portfolio as part of their duties as a member of the Board. 

Complaints Committee:
Chair   Vacant
  Rory Penny
  Jim Jones
Public Member Jasmine Ghosn
Professional Conduct Committee:

Dawn O'Hearn

  Chastity Bennett
  Rory Lake
  Donna Young
Public Member Andrew Mott
Credentials Committee:
Chair     Kim Thompson
  Wendy Conrad
Board member Ollie Poole
  Christine Siteman
  Jim Jones
Public Member Denise MacDonald-Billard
Professional Practice Committee:
Chair Rob Martell
  Dan Meagher
  Donna Young
  Noel Pendergast
Board Member Adam Gillis
Registrations Appeal:
  Tammy Weagle
  Ian Ayles
Nominations Committee:
  Veronica Grossett
  Jim Fitzpatrick
  Noel Pendergast