Nova Scotia College of

Respiratory Therapists

2015 Online Renewal Process

The Online Renewal Process for the 2015 Licence Year is now open.

  • Renewal fees are $450.00.
  • Registration should be completed by March 27, 2015 to allow time for payment processing.
  • If you remember your password from last year, please enter it when registering.  Your personal information will be filled in for you.  If not simply click “start new membership”.
  • You must complete all information fields with the asterisk beside it to proceed through the application.
  • Your license will be emailed to you when the Registrar approves your renewal application
  • You can print your receipt of payment from the site if you pay at the time of renewal. If you pay by cheque, through payroll deduction or the CSRT your receipt will be forwarded to you when your payment has been processed.
  • If you encounter any difficulties when renewing online, please contact Jeff Smith at, (902) 425-2445.

To begin your renewal, please click here, 2015 NSCRT Renewal.